He who rejects Change is the Architect of Decay
— Harold Wilson
Art is the crystallized illusion penetrating the soul through sublime perception.
— Laurence Neal Pokras

My name is LaURENCE NEAL Pokras. I am the owner of LNP DESIGNS. 


  • I will be turning the containers into unique homes with a progressive modern style. Will you join me?
  • The U.S. has to be the leader now and we need to be a country that is resourceful and good to the environment.
  • The typical price for a Modern Home of 2 containers is only $65,000 without land price only construction and design
  • With an unrelenting passion, I have hand illustrated 150 possible building structures made out of shipping containers in the last 9 years.

I have been fortunate in my life to be able to have traveled extensively in the last 15 years and experienced the importance of travel and reflect that back into my designs. My travels have led me to places like New Zealand, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Philippines, Thailand, Guam, Palau, Indonesia, Bali, Japan, Tahiti, Israel, Egypt, Italy, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Aruba, England, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Colombia, Peru, Tonga, Netherlands, Sweden, China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Fiji, Puerto Rico, and Panama. All those countries influences have found their way back into my designs. As a young man, I have always been captivated by tree houses, cabins, and simple places to live. 

As a very young boy growing up in Long Beach California, I watched the shipping containers arrive on our port and wondered why couldn't people live in those containers?

Now my boyhood dream is here.

Will you be there with me on this incredible New Adventure?


Thank you for your interest.

Bachelor of Architecture,
New School of Architecture and Design,
San Diego, Ca.